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The Tyranny of Dishes

a quick comedic essay about doing dishes under a communal living system. I wrote it for a magazine that then never used it as far as I know.

Adventures in Post-Scarcity Capitalism

The following is a very personal account of what it was like living in 3.5 different communes over the last 6 years in Chicago. It’s meant to be a companion...

smart not hard

ethos, philosophy, principle, plan, structure, organization.


in which i compare the american bar scene to the war on terror

Painting & Patience

I’ve always said that a lack of patience is my biggest character flaw. Well, that and a certain tendency towards bossiness. But today I want to talk about patience. There...

Impossible apps from the future

shazizzle — like shazam but useful. badly hum the only two bars you can remember from the song stuck in your head, and it tells you what song it is....