Eli Albert

Bangkok tips & tricks

Bangkok tips & tricks

info I wish I would have found on some website somewhere else

  • all boat transportation is amazing — canal boat especially. We got on here heading west. convenient too.

  • the skytrain is easy to use, has great views.

  • the malls all have clean, free bathrooms; just follow the signs

  • even if your airbnb condo has a big scary sign about airbnb in the lobby, nobody seems to care.

  • not as many people speak helpful english as everyone claims

  • any massage place with a bunch of good reviews is worth trying to book in advance unless you just want a foot massage. also, trying to find a place to just massage for 30 minutes is a weird thing to do unless you’re in the khao san road area.

  • uber works but not a lot of people use it; hailing a cab can be much faster.

  • 7–11 runs this town

  • alcohol is illegal to sell after midnight, and sometimes in the afternoon too. some bars can sell late. relative to western prices, it’s not as cheap as the food.

  • most things shut down around 2am. this city does sleep.