Eli Albert

Impossible apps from the future

  • shazizzle — like shazam but useful. badly hum the only two bars you can remember from the song stuck in your head, and it tells you what song it is. PRO VERSION: optionally recommends a different song, algorithmically chosen, guaranteed to replace the first one in your head.

  • lovenest — take a selfie from bed of you and your partner. lovenest maps both physical and emotional circumstances based on the selfie (as well as ambient sound recording that it never really stops doing) and displays the optimal sleeping position for the two (+?) of you. PRO: optimal sexytime positions.

  • decade-b-gone — choose any decade from a mobile-friendly dropdown menu. **decade-b-gone **will remove that decade from your memory. PRO: **decade-b-gone **will remove that decade from everyone’s memory. UNDER DEVELOPMENT — **decade-b-gone **will change the past such that the decade of your choice never existed.